In Memory of Polar Bear Superstar Knut (30 Pic Tribute)

Berlin zoo employee Thomas Doerflein plays with polar bear cub Knut

This is baby Knut, the polar bear that was rejected by its mother Tosca after Knut was born on December 5, 2006. He weighed only 19 pounds (9 kilograms). Berlin zoo employee Thomas Doerflein plays with polar bear cub Knut in this picture. Knut had to be reared by hand and bottle-fed by Doerflein at the Berlin Zoo in Germany. They had a very special bond that is almost never seen between human and polar bear. Photo #1 by Jeremy C. Munns

Berlin Zoo Knut Polar Bear 2007

This is Knut during his debut at the Berlin Zoo on 23 March 2007. He became a superstar overnight, capturing hearts worldwide. Photo #2 by Jens Koßmagk

Knut & Thomas Dörflein at Berlin Zoo

Knut & Thomas Dörflein at Berlin Zoo. His keeper Thomas Dörflein would bottle-feed Knut and strum Elvis Presley songs for him on a guitar. Photo #4 by Andrea & Stephan

Wanna Play - Knut Belin Zoo 2007

Wanna Play, Daddy? Knut seems to be asking at the Berlin Zoo in 2007. Photo #5 by everyone’s idle (“mgdtgd”) Berlin

Knut – a superstar at Berlin Zoo with Doerflein on 03/31/07. Photo #6 by nayrb7

Knut standing up 2007

Knut standing up with Doerflein. Photo #7 by Kai Schreiber

Baby Knut Playing 2007

Thomas Dörflein playing with baby Knut in 2007. Photo #8 by Jean-Luc 2005

Thomas Dörflein playing with Knut in May 2007

Although some activists say that Knut did not belong in a zoo, it is hard to see these pictures and still not see the special bond and love between Thomas Dörflein and the polar bear Knut in May 2007. Photo #9 by Jean-Luc 2005

Polar Bear Knut - I love you too

Knut as if saying, “I love you, too.” Photo #10 by Kim S dearbarbie

Knut being nutty 2007

Knut being nutty in 2007. Photo #11 by Herbert Orth

2007 Knut at Berlin Zoo

2007 Knut at Berlin Zoo. Photo #12 by jtriefen


August 2007 – Knut looks huge but he’s actually still a baby, not even a year old. Photo #13 by Matthias Zirngibl (“tscherno”), Germany

Knut at Berlin Zoo - 2007 10 months old and growing

Knut at Berlin Zoo – 2007. Knut is only 10 months old and still growing. Photo #14 by Aconcagua

Knut looking scruffy and dirty in 2007 at Berlin Zoo

Knut looking scruffy and dirty in 2007 at Berlin Zoo. Photo #15 by L_K_M / Lucas Mathis, Zürich, Switzerland

Berlin Zoo - Polar bear Knut at the age of 10 months 2007

Berlin Zoo – Polar bear Knut at the age of 10 months. Photo #16 by Aconcagua

Polar bear Knut, still a cub, at the age of 10 months Berlin Zoo

Polar bear Knut, still a cub, at the age of 10 months Berlin Zoo. Photo #17 by Aconcagua

Knut at Berlin Zoo 2008

Knut at Berlin Zoo in 2008. Photo #18 by Jeses

2008 polar bear Knut Berlin Zoo, at the age of nearly 1 and fourth years

In 2008, this photo is of Polar Bear Knut at the Berlin Zoo when he was the age of nearly 1 1/4 years. Photo #19 by Gabriele Delhey

muddy polar bear knut

Muddy Knut. He was a polar bear who liked to play with mud. Photo #20 by pelican

Polar Bear Knut at age 2

Polar Bear Knut at age 2. I wonder if Knut had grown lonely? His friend and keeper and perhaps even what he considered a dad, Doerflein, had died at 44 of a heart attack in 2008. Photo #21 by Aconcagua

Polar bear Knut at the age of 2 years Zoo of Berlin

Polar Bear Knut at age 2. Photo #22 by Aconcagua

2 years old Knut Polar Bear

Knut is 2 years old here. Experts expressed concern over Knut’s behavior which was considered abnormal due to all the human attention. He would mimic humans sometimes by lifting a hand to his face as if he too was taking a photo. Photo #23 by Aconcagua

knut @berlin zoo in 2009

Knut at Berlin Zoo in 2009. Photo #24 by Flavio Ensiki

Polar Bear Knut Hey you

Knut seems to be saying, “Hey you!” Photo #25 by Aconcagua

Polar Bear Knut 2010

This is Knut sticking out his tongue in 2010. Photo #26 by Matt Biddulph

Berlin Zoo, Germany Polar Bears - Knut

Berlin Zoo, Germany, Polar Bear Knut. Photo #27 by Nigel Swalesh

Polar Bear Knut Shaking 2010

Polar Bear Knut shaking the water off in 2010. Photo #28 by Benjamin Janecke


This was Knut in February 2011. Photo #29 by Benjamin Janecke

Knut - Berlin Zoo 2-2011

Knut at the Berlin Zoo in February 2011. In March, Knut was found dead in the water by zoo officials. He was only 4 years and three months old, which was well below the average life expectancy for polar bears of around age 35. It raised the question all over again of whether or not polar bears belong in zoos. Rest in peace, Knut, you were a superstar with millions of fans worldwide. Photo #30 by Marmontel

35 thoughts on “In Memory of Polar Bear Superstar Knut (30 Pic Tribute)

    • Knut was a very special animal, who, now is resting in peace and light, closely to Thomas. Knut was special because also Thomas Dorflein was a special person.

      Rest in peace and in the light of God!

    • Now Now, he could not have survived in the wold he was raised in captivity releasing him would have been an even earlier death sentence. Most animals in Zoo’s where raised in captivity as well due to injuries or abandonment. Some animals are very happy in zoos Knut seemed to be very happy especially with his daddy.

      • I read somewhere that he had a brain abnormality…could have contributed to his behavior. I think zoos do the best they can to promote a message of conservation to the world.

  1. What a beautiful bear Knut was. I look at photo’s of Knut and Thomas Doerflein and cant believe that they are both gone. Berlin Zoo has a lot to answer for. If Knut died due to brain inflammation, why wasnt it picked up? Why wasnt this gorgeous bear that generated so much revenue for the zoo, medically checked over? Keepers noticed abnormal behaviour well before Knut passed so why wasnt something done about it. Who is this director Bernhard Blaskiewitz of the Berlin Zoo. Why havent the people of Germany requested his resignation? Relocate all the animals, shutdown Berlin Zoo and send Bernhard Blaskiewitz and keepers to stand trial for cruelty and lack of “Duty of Care”.
    Now you talk of stuffing this bear that should never have been under the care of the Berlin Zoo.

    • Please step off your psyco PMS trip.
      It’s just an animal, that died by natural cources, just like millions of animals do every day.
      Remember, in nature Knut would have been dead just few hours after he was born, because of the mother abandoned him.

  2. I don’t believe in zoos, they are really cruel to me. I don’t understand why we should lock animals up so little kids with sticky fingers and snotty noses can gawk at them and poke them. Isn’t that what photos are for? So we can look at the animals. Animals belong in the wild. It’s really upsetting. Poor Knut might have lived to about 40 in the wild. Poor Knut. Zoos are practically torturing these poor animals. RIP Knut.

    • If the polar bear was in the wild, he would have died at 4 months not 4 years. Also if you haven’t checked lately, but the polar bear natural “wild” habitat is melting away and the species is dying. Now some Zoos do not follow code true, but the good Zoos are all about raising awareness and money for conservation. If it weren’t for Zoos that did that than a lot of animals you belove would be extinct.

      On a side note, I believe that money should have been allocated to Knut’s medical check ups because he gave so much profit and he had defects from his early abandonment.

    • I dont agree with all zoos, many are poorly run, and dont give enough room to the animals, but if these animals arent kept in zoos, they will disappear from existence because of humans destroying what little habitats they have left.

    • There are a lot of fantastic zoos out there. People can’t poke the animals at any zoo I’ve ever been to. “The wild” is dying out, and if zoos don’t house these animals, they will be extinct.

  3. @Emily
    You are an idiot if you think this polar bear would have lived to be 40 in the wild… ITS MOTHER ABANDONED IT AT BIRTH.
    P.S. nobody cares about your opinion

  4. Awwww, so sad! Knut had a hard life, being rejected by his mother and being kept in a zoo. Animals should be born in the wild and live in the wild. RIP Knut.

  5. Knut was Sick and had been sick. he was raised my human than human who cared dies, money maker is not as cute any more , he depends on man to take care of him and instead he is neglected look at this, these some thing is wrong and a elephant 5 years old just dies at same zoo

  6. its amazing how animals and humans can have bonds like that kinda reminds me of me and my cat max and this sucks he died he was really cute and he looked happy with the zoo keeper that cared so much about him R.I.P Knut you shall be missed by many

  7. i love how all you fags say he would have died in the wild at 4 months.. you have no idea what you’re talking about, because the mothers stay with their cubs up to 2 or 3 years…. yeah, because i definitely believe a mother polar bear would let it’s child die

  8. he died of natural causes there WAS something wrong from the beggining,if his mother abandoned him thats natural instinct for an animal to do so if there IS something wrong with the baby

    • We love you Knut. Rest in peace. We hope you and Thomas Doerflein are in heaven together having a great time. God bless the both of you. We miss you both.

  9. Knut was a beautiful polar bear. He certainly missed his animal handler Thomas Doerflein. I’m quite sure Knut died of a broken heart due to missing his friend. Now I Knut and Thomas are together again and nobody can harm them. They are together forever.

  10. There was something wrong with knut from birth, a physical defect or such, that is the reason the mother abandoned him, its the instinct of the mother of a defected cub to abandon it. If Knut had not been sent to the zoo he would have died within the week from predators, or lack of food. Knut is lucky that he lived such a fulfilling life

  11. I am so sad to hear of Knut’s death. I’m happy he had such a good life and was so well cared for. I’m sure if there is an animal heaven..he’s there

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